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Four CCC Nursing Students Return From Medical Mission To Honduras

From: Caitlin Wright
To: Media
Date: 04/27/09
Subject: CCC Nursing Students Return From Medical Mission To Honduras PR

Clatsop Community College
Contact: Debbie Kennedy 503-338-2419

Four CCC Nursing Students Return From Medical Mission To Honduras

While many students were packing their swimsuits and beach clothes for their Spring Break vacations, four Clatsop Community College Nursing students were packing their bags for an 11-day medical mission to a remote village in Honduras. Tiffany Tarabochia, Lynsey McFadden, Tiffany Bartlett and Stephen Kennedy are in their second year of training at the College. Accompanied by Clatsop Community College (CCC) Nursing Instructor, Debbie Kennedy, the students flew to Honduras where fellow members of Mercy Teams (a branch of Mercy Ships)—a doctor, an x-ray technician, other nurses, and a general assistant—joined them. From there, the group traveled three hours by bus to the village of Concepcion del Sur.

The community of Concepcion del Sur is a poor and remote spot in the mountains of Honduras and the nearest healthcare provider available to the community is not easily accessible to its citizens; many people came from in-town and the outlying hills to take advantage of the medical mission’s temporary on-site clinic and pharmacy. One patient even traveled 1 1/2 days on foot to receive medical attention!

While there, the CCC Nursing group slept in a second home of the local mayor. The living conditions were less than what many Americans would consider ideal. Although there was running water, it was not heated and often did not work. Yet, according to Kennedy, the CCC Nursing students jumped right in and got to work!

“Although three of the four students had little to no experience with Spanish, they were assessing patients, and then writing and filling prescriptions within days of our arrival,” says Kennedy. “Out of the entire Mercy Team group, our students really connected to the community we worked in, especially with the kids. They played soccer with the children and were given guided tours of the local area. I was just amazed at our students’ outstanding willingness to go, to learn, and to help in that kind of environment, and the level of skill and ability they demonstrated.”

Accepted in November, the students spent a whirlwind Winter term preparing for their trip to Honduras—buying their tickets, learning about the trip, getting their shots and passports ordered. Initially, there were 11 applicants that signed up to go. Mercy Ships/Mercy Teams regulations, however, permitted only 4 applicants to participate. Therefore, only 2nd year Nursing students in good academic standing were eligible. From that group, the final applicants were chosen based on an objective critique system by their faculty and peers. The group’s trip to Honduras was the focus of CCC’s Nursing course: Foundations of Global Nursing (Nursing 199). In addition to the trip being a valuable hands-on experience, the students each earned 24 hours towards their preciptorship—a graduation requirement for Nursing students.

“This is the first time that the College has been able to offer this class,” says Kennedy. “We would like to be able to offer it again in the future. Our department feels this is a valuable experience for all nurses, and hope this will encourage others to get involved in similar trips.”

For more information about the CCC Nursing trip to Honduras, please contact: Debbie Kennedy at 503-338-2419.

For more information about Mercy Ships, please visit

Clatsop Community College is an affirmative action, equal opportunity institution.

Images Attached:

nursing students
The CCC Nursing students pre-sorted the medicine that was distributed to the patients of Concepcion del Sur. Pictured from left to right are: Lynsey McFadden, Tiffany Bartlett, Stephen Kennedy, and Tiffany Tarabochia. Submitted photo.

Nursing students
The four CCC Nursing students and CCC Nursing Instructor on their arrival in Honduras. Pictured from left to right are: Tiffany Tarabochia, Lynsey McFadden, Stephen Kennedy, Debbie Kennedy, and Tiffany Bartlett. Submitted photo.

Debbie Kennedy works with Lynsey McFadden to diagnose a patient in the temporary clinic. Submitted photo.

Stephen Kennedy interacts with the Concepcion del Sur children during the evening after work. Submitted photo.

Tiffany Bartlett and Debbie Kennedy irrigate the ear of an Concepcion del Sur patient. Submitted photo.

Tiffany Tarabochia and Debbie Kennedy fill prescriptions in the temporary clinic at Concepcion del Sur. Submitted photo.

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