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Lessons, Demonstrations, Textbook Stuff

For viewing  PDF  documents  (.pdf)  accessed through these photography class web pages, you  may use  the  free  Adobe  Acrobat  Reader (click here)  software.  On Apple Mac computers, the Preview software will also display such documents.

About Cameras  (PDF download, 336 KB)

Aperture Depth-of-Field Basics   (PDF download, 2.6 MB)

Befriending the Apple Mac - Computer Instructions   (PDF download, 3.4 MB)

Composites  (PDF download, 9 MB)

Dreaming Open Space for our Cars   (PDF download, 4.1 MB)

Exposure Matters, East Mooring Basin Example   (PDF download, 3.4 MB)

File Formats - Appearances   (PDF download, 460 KB)

File Formats - File Sizes   (PDF download, 884 KB)

HDR High Dynamic Range, Pier 39 Bicycle example   (PDF download, 3.3 MB)   To view this effectively on your computer, zoom larger until the document height fills your screen.  Then scroll left and right to read through the demonstration.

Histogram Metering   (PDF download, 1.7 MB)

Pixels, Document Sizes, Butterfly Example   (PDF download, 4.5 MB)

Printing on the Epson 3880     (PDF download, 2.1 MB)

Shutter-Panning     (PDF download, 3.2 MB)

Shutter Sync (synchronization with studio flash)   (PDF download, 452 KB)

Shutter versus Aperture, balancing the effects   (PDF download, 3.3 MB)

Studio Flash and Camera Controls   (PDF download, 332 KB)

Translating the World to Print   (PDF download, 148 KB)

Viewpoints & Perspective   (PDF download, 2.8 MB)

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