ART-163 Assigns

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CX-163 Camera Exercises  (PDF download,  180 KB)

DX-163 Digital Exercises  (PDF download,  132 KB)

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For viewing  PDF  documents  (.pdf)  accessed through these photography class web pages, you  may use  the  free  Adobe  Acrobat  Reader (click here)  software.  On Apple Mac computers, the Preview software will also display such documents.


Due Dates—Corrected (Later) dates are shown on your individual progress report

RX-2.2  Survey Lecture #2            1/15/13
RX-1  Media Ads            1/17/13
CX-3.1  Macro Photography            1/17/13
CX-3.2  Viewpoints & Perspective            1/22/13
DX-3.1  HDR—High Dynamic Range            1/24/13
DX-3.2  Color Matching            1/29/13
CX-3.3  Exclusion Framing            1/29/13
PW- Proposal--for Term Project            1/29/13
RX-2.3  Survey Lecture #3            1/29/13
PX-1  Campus Life Documentary            1/29/13
PW-DigDraft—Splashes-Slashes /or/ ReflectLayering            1/31/13
RX-4  Gallery Tour & Report            2/7/13
RX-3  Literature Report            1/ 24,31 /13
DX-3.3  Panorama Stitching            2/12/13
PW-DigitalDraft—Extended Lighting Portrait            2/19/13
CX-3.4  Fill Flash            2/21/13
PW-DigitalDraft—Environmental-Portrait            2/21/13
DX-3.4  Compositing            2/26/13
PW-DigitalDraft—Motivator            2/26/13
CX-3.5  Pathway            3/5/13
PX-2  RAIN Magazine entry            3/12/13
PX-5  Internet Publishing            ¿?
RX-2.4  Survey Lecture #4            3/14/13
PX-3  Art Student Exhibit entry            3/14/13
PX-6  Term Folio            3/14/13
PW-Print—Character of Place            1/29/13
PW-Print—Splashes Slashes/or/ReflectLayering            2/12/13
PW-Print—Standard 3-Light Portrait            2/19/13
PW-Print—Motivator            3/5/13
PW-Print—Group Portrait            3/12/13
PW-Prints—TermProject (7)            3/21/13

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