Intensive Workshops in Photography - Summer 2013 - download description, PDF  (61kb)

Instructor is David Lee Myers



Old Material Below, largely replaced for the summer workshops.  It's left here only for reference.

ART-161, 162, 163     Introduction to Photography     Instructor David Lee Myers

Befriending the Apple Mac  (.pdf, 3.4 MB)

About Cameras   (.pdf, 336 KB)


Daily Schedule Plan — Subject to Murphy's Law

Lessons, Demonstrations — Textbook Material

Everybody Assignments, ART-161, 162, & 163

ART-161 Assignments

ART-162 Assignments

ART-163 Assignments

For viewing  PDF  documents  (.pdf)  accessed through these photography class web pages, you  may use  the  free  Adobe  Acrobat  Reader (click here)  software.  On Apple Mac computers, the Preview software will also display such documents.

Please feel free to save these documents to your own devices, which can make for more convenient viewing.

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