Nancy Cook, Writing Instructor

Queen Nancy Cook with staff of RAIN Magazine

Nancy Cook with student staff of RAIN Magazine, Spring 2010

Office: Towler 305E

Phone: (503) 338-2335


Nancy Cook teaches writing, literature, humanities and serves as faculty coordinator for the Ales & Ideas Community Lecture Series.   She also performs each year at the Astoria Fisher Poets Gathering.  With an MFA in Creative Nonfiction, Nancy loves helping students to find their voice through powerful, persuasive and sometimes comical personal essays. Her careful feedback on student writing helps students develop effective information literacy skills and a working knowledge of argumentation central to academic success and engaged citizenry.  Her teaching schedule includes required English composition courses (WR 121, 122) along with developmental writing (LA90, WR115), multicultural literature (ENG 220), introduction to literature (ENG 104, 106) film studies (ENG 110),  poetry writing (WR 242), creative nonfiction (WR 240), and an occasional humanities course (HUM 102, 103).  A former National Park ranger and Alaska fisheries biologist, Nancy continues to spend summers in McCarthy, Alaska where she directs the annual Wrangell Mountains Writing Workshop. She is the mother of one daughter, one cairn terrier, and six crazy chickens.  

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