Nancy Cook

Nancy Cook-Writing Instructor

Socrates wrote, “The unconsidered life is not one worth living,”  and I feel passionate about teaching writing and literature as a  means for cultivating more meaningful lives.  The ability to  think critically and express oneself clearly is such an important  attribute of any good student or good citizen.

I hope students of writing leave my class with an increased  ability to think critically about the arguments they encounter in  their own lives and in the media; I hope they feel a sense of  pride in their original compositions. Writing well matters—in so  many ways.  And writing well is challenging.  However, by  embracing a realistic process which includes a willingness to  revise—at both the sentence level and the higher level of  reasoning with ideas, any student can succeed.

I feel rewarded when I see students embrace writing as a process for approaching diverse forms of academic inquiry with vigor, persistence, and personal flair.  Our Columbia Pacific students bring such a rich sense of place to the page, and I genuinely love learning my students’ stories which teach more about this wonderful place I call home.  The personal essay is also a fine vehicle for thoughtfully considering important issues of diversity and social justice in our communities.  Through research writing assignments, I embrace the challenge of helping students cultivate a mature sense of information literacy required for academic success and engaged citizenry.  Finally, I love the various opportunities I’ve found (Ales & Ideas, Fisher Poets, RAIN Magazine, and other collaborations) to bridge what happens at CCC with the wider cultural community of businesses, artists, galleries, and more which make Astoria such a special place to live.  


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