HUM 103 syllabus spring 2011 Brown

3 credits—Spring Term 2011 

INSTRUCTORS: Julie Brown, Towler 305B Perry Callas Towler Hall 205B
TELEPHONE: 503-338-2471 503-338-2404



Students will explore the culture of Astoria, including its history, music, art, and people and document their findings in video format.  Each student will produce a short documentary, and the class as a whole will collaboratively produce a full-length documentary film suitable for public viewing.  Special emphasis on the 2011 Astoria Bicentennial.. 

iMovie Manual provided by Instructors


The successful student will
1.  Select an appropriate topic and focus for a film.
2.  Shoot ample footage of the Astoria community and its culture.
3.  Learn technical skills of camera operation, lighting, sound.
3.  Outline a story sequence that works toward an intended focus.
4.  Edit for continuity and coherence.
5.  Work collaboratively with others on the production process.

Course Content:

• Introduction to course, objectives
• Watch sample documentaries, analyze
• Brainstorm for topics, choose topic and focus
• Simultaneously work on individual project and team project
• Camera skills
• Lighting
• Sound
• Continuity
• Editing
• Public Sharing: Choose venue, advertise, celebrate.


   Sample Analysis, Topic Choice:  10%
   Story Sequencing, Coherence  30%
   Technical Skills:    30%
   Teamwork (Includes Attendance):  15%
   Presentation:       15%

LATE POLICY:   Late work will not be accepted unless you provide the instructor with documentation of a medical emergency or personal crisis situation.  If you have any questions about the policy you should ask them at the first class meeting.
It is your responsibility to know where you stand in this class.  If you have questions regarding your progress/grade, please confer with the instructors.


WEEK 1:  Introduction to course, objectives 
   Read pages 5-13 in iMovie Manual
WEEK 2:  Watch sample documentaries, analyze
   Quiz on iMovie Manual reading
Read pages 14-20 in iMovie Manual

WEEK 3:  Brainstorm for topics, choose topic and focus
   Read pages 21-28 in iMovie Manual

WEEK 4:  Outline a story sequence that works toward an intended focus- Camera     skills.
   Quiz on iMovie Manual reading
Read pages 28-36 in iMovie Manual

WEEK 5:   Lighting
   Read pages 37-45 in iMovie Manual

WEEK 6:   Continuity
   Read pages 46-49 in iMovie Manual

WEEK 7:   Sound
WEEK 8:  Editing individual student videos for coherence and continuity

WEEK 9:  Collaboratively editing final video for coherence and continuity

WEEK 10:  Public Sharing: Choose venue, advertise, celebrate.

FINAL:  Premier Group Video

This syllabus may be changed any time at the instructors’ discretion.  It is your responsibility to attend class and keep informed about such changes.
Important Information

• Non-registered children and adults are not allowed in the lab during class time.

• It is your responsibility to know where you stand in this class.  If you are unsure, see the instructor.

• When you complete a lesson at home, you will need a means by which to save and email me the assignment.  All assignments are to be saved on separate storage devices and made available for submission to the instructor by 1:00 pm on the day of the last class meeting for the week in which the assignment is given.

• This syllabus may change during the course of the term.  Any changes will be announced by your instructor during class.  It is your responsibility to know about any announcements or changes to assignments made during class sessions.

• Plagiarism / Cheating:  Intentionally submitting for evaluation to a college instructor or administrator material that contains a significant portion of another person’s work without giving credit to that individual, copying another person’s work and submitting it as one’s own, and/or cheating on examinations will result in a grade of F on the paper and/or examination in which the plagiarism or cheating has taken place.  A repeat offense will result in a failing grade for the term.

• Special Accommodations:  If you have specific needs and require accommodations, please inform the instructor early in the semester, so that your learning needs may be appropriately met.  Students with documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable accommodations.  To receive services, contact Services for Students With Disabilities, 338-2474, TDD-325-2902.

• It is the policy of Clatsop Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, sex, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment.

• No cell phone usage or texting is allowed during class.

• No Internet usage that is not directly related to this course is allowed.

• An open and respectful atmosphere is essential for learning.  Please speak and act in a positive and respectful manner, as you would in a work environment.

Sometimes, due to weather, emergency, or instructor illness, class is cancelled.  If you would like to save yourself a trip to the campus, please check the following website to see if class has been cancelled:  click on   Daily Class Cancellations

There is also a recorded message listing closed classes at the following number:


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