Program Information

Student Benefits

Upward Bound helps students create a vision for their future success by offering:

  • Academic support in the form of tutoring, supplemental workshops and educational planning;
  • The opportunity to learn about a wide variety of career and educational opportunities by visiting work sites and colleges;
  • The opportunity to develop self-management and leadership skills;
  • The chance to attend cultural activities;
  • Assistance with college admissions, financial aid and scholarship applications, and standardized test preparation;
  • Help with planning appropriate classes in high school in order to ease the transition into post-secondary education.


Student Responsibilities

Students must commit to all aspects of Upward Bound in order to remain in the program. These include:

  • Individual and Group Meetings: These meetings are for academic advising, educational planning, and other support activities and may be arranged by the program coordinator, by appointment, or by announcement.
  • Supplemental Instruction: Students may be required to attend tutoring sessions or Saturday workshops to strengthen their academic skills.
  • Upward Bound Summer Academy: All students are expected to participate in a summer program. Freshman, sophomore and junior students must attend the Upward Bound Summer Academy. This six-week program is an excellent opportunity for students to experience life on a college campus. The program offers hands-on learning; the opportunity to work with other students and community organizations; and academic support to prepare for the coming school year.
  • Summer Bridge Program: Seniors are strongly encouraged to participate in the Summer Bridge program. This program pays for recent graduates to take summer classes at Clatsop Community College. This is a great way to get ahead before the freshman year of college.

How Upward Bound Helps Parents

Parent involvement increases students’ success. We help parents take an active role in their student’s success by:

  • Being available to answer questions about high school achievement and college preparation;
  • Providing parent informational workshops at key times in your student’s high school career;
  • Assisting with federal applications for financial aid and other important forms and applications.

Who Is Eligible for Upward Bound?

Students enrolled in the 9th-12th grades at Astoria, Seaside and Warrenton High Schools who meet the following criteria:

  • Have academic potential, but show demonstrated academic need;
  • Plan to attend college;
  • Meet federal income requirements for limited income families;
  • Are first generation in their family to go to college (neither parent has a 4-year college degree);
  • Will commit to participating in all aspects of the UB program.


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