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What is Talent Search?

Talent Search (TS) is a cooperative program between Clatsop Community College and the Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside and Knappa school districts. Our mission is to help students succeed in school and to go on to the further education that's appropriate for their goals. We recognize that parent, school and community involvement are crucial to the success of the program and the students. TS is 100% funded by a federal grant from the U.S. Department of Education.


Why participate in Talent Search?

Today's students are entering a world which demands education beyond high school for nearly all living wage jobs. TS works to help students:

  • Learn about a wide variety of career and educational options;
  • Take the high school classes they need to be ready for further education;
  • Make individual plans for the future which include education after high school;
  • Explore the changing nature of the job market; and,
  • Complete the paperwork needed for college admission, financial aid and scholarship applications.



Sample Talent Search Activities

  • 6th and 7th grades: In small groups and in classrooms, students start to explore career interests, study skills and self-esteem. A visit to Clatsop Community College is often a highlight of the 7th grade year.
  • 8th grade: Small group sessions focus on career exploration and high school readiness. Students have an opportunity to visit to a college or university.
  • 9th grade: Students are involved in small group and individual work on planning high school classes and defining career interests. A field trip to a college or university is offered, usually in the spring.
  • 10th & 11th grades: Students learn about the educational requirements of careers in fields related to their interests. They explore postsecondary education options, and visit colleges. College entrance requirements are emphasized. SAT/ ACT workshops are provided.
  • 12th grade: Talent Search coordinators help students work through the processes of applying for college admission, scholarships and financial aid. Several field trips to colleges and universities are offered.



Talent Search: Planning for the Future

Talent Search staff work with students, parents, teachers and school counselors in a long-term approach to college and career planning. TS continues from 6th grade through college enrollment. TS provides information on careers and education, helps students identify their interests and abilities, and guides them in exploring postsecondary education options. TS helps students develop long-range plans, improve self-esteem and strengthen study skills.


Who participates in Talent Search?

TS students are able to benefit from program services and succeed in postsecondary education. In addition, most Talent Search students must qualify as both:

  • Low-income (by federal definition);
  • First generation of their family to go on to postsecondary education. Students are considered first generation if their parents have not completed four-year college degrees.

Students who do not meet both of these qualifications, but who can benefit from TS services, may be enrolled in the program if space is available.


What is the history of Talent Search?

Nationally, Talent Search grants have existed since 1965. In 1991, Oregon’s first three TS grants began in Portland, Coos Bay, and at Clatsop Community College. The CCC TS program celebrated 20 years of service to local students in the 2011-12 school year. Over the years, our TS program has continued to grow and develop to better serve local students. We are honored to have been part of the educational experience for over 4,500 local students so far.


Talent Search: Working with the entire community to benefit area students

  • School Involvement: Since beginning in 1991, Clatsop TS has built strong partnerships with classroom teachers, school counselors, administrators, and other staff. These partnerships are central to the program’s success. TS and school personnel work closely to help TS students succeed.
  • Parent Involvement:  Parents are key to a student's success. TS provides information and support for the parents of TS students.
  • Community Involvement:  Students need to see how their success and continuing education fit into their community. TS helps students find opportunities for community service, learn to communicate with employers, and seek community mentors.
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