MERTS High School Program

Welding Instructors and High School Students

Clatsop Community College and Astoria, Jewell, Knappa, Seaside, and Warrenton-Hammond school districts seek to provide leadership in the development of professional technical programs for Clatsop County. In doing so, Clatsop Community College and the school districts provide introductory and intermediate classes to high school students at CCC's Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station (MERTS) and Integrated Manufacturing Technology Center (IMTC) campus.

Professional technical education is provided for qualified high school students in grades 10-12 in the following program areas:

  • Welding
  • Automotive
  • Maritime


Classes in this program are taught by faculty provided by the college and who meet minimum College qualifications.

To enroll high school students must complete the COMPASS placement test and receive minimum scores determined for the program. High school sophomores, juniors and seniors who demonstrate readiness for college-level professional-technical education may be qualified to enroll in credit classes. The high school student enrolling in these college classes, are treated as college students (student code of conduct), and receive course grades at the completion of each course. Students attending MERTS college classes follow the college academic calendar.

The goal of the program is to provide high school student opportunities to receive professional technical education; therefore, increase the number of students receiving and completing professional technical degree programs.

For more information please contact the high school principal in your district to see if your local high school participates in the program.

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