Dual Credit And Coastal Commitment Programs

Dual Credit and Coastal Commitment are programs allowing students to take college level academic coursework while enrolled in high school with instruction taking place at the high school.  Through an agreement between Clatsop Community College and regional schools in Clatsop and Columbia counties, students are enrolled in their high school classes that is approved by CCC for college credit.

A high school teacher qualified for college instruction teaches the college course as part of his or her high school employment. Student attend as part of his or her high school class schedule. The high school course follows the college course outline and outcomes, including applicable assessments. All instructional costs are paid by the high school as part of its regular operations.

The student must complete a COMPASS placement test and/or meet prerequisites, if required.  They enroll as a college student and pay a transcript fee.   In some cases students may also need to purchase a text and/or materials for the class.  Students are responsible to follow college procedures for registration including drop procedures.  Upon completion of the course the student may receive high school and college credit.

Students interested in the program should contact their high school counselor to check the availability of this program and classes in their high school.

For more information, contact Debby Robertson, High School Partnerships Coordinator, 503-338-2506.

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October 14, 2013, 1:32 pm
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