What is the student wifi password?

The WPA2 password for the student wireless network is 5+ud3Nt55ID .  You should connect to the SSID fine after you enter that.


Once connected, you will have to log in to the system with a valid student network account to be allowed to pass any traffic.  The first time that you try to browse after connection, you will be redirected to an authentication portal.  Use your normal network login name and password at that screen.  Authentication is necessary to help keep unauthorized traffic off of that network in order to preserve bandwidth for students who need to use it for school-related activity.


Please be aware that the authentication mechanism works best with Firefox, Chrome or Safari browsers.  Internet Explorer does have problems with it fairly often.


If you have any questions regarding the system, please stop by Computer Services in Col 102, send email to our office, or call at 503-338-2416.

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