what does cc mean in a grade

 "CC" is not a valid grade.  You should contact the Student Services Center to resolve.

You will be provided, by your instructor, with a course syllabus listing grading
guidelines for each course by the end of the first week of the term. The
following guidelines apply at Clatsop Community College.
For a complete review of grades and grading policies, see the Clatsop Community College
A =Excellent (4.0)
B =Commendable (3.0)
C =Satisfactory (2.0)
D =Minimal (1.0)
F =Unacceptable (0.0)
Z=Failing, Did Not Complete
I =Incomplete (you must request it and complete coursework within the next term)
W =Withdrawal
P=Pass (given in classes which use pass/no credit grades)
NC =No Credit (given in classes which use pass/no credit grades)
AUD=Audit (initiated by you when you want to take a class, but do not wish to receive a grade or credit).
SP=Satisfactory Progress
CEU =Continuing education units

-A A +A
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