What do you require of your adjunct faculty? Are they requried to attend orientations and trainings? Anything else?

Adjunct faculty at Clatsop are a vital resource for student learning. As such, we typically require equivalent qualifications as our full-time faculty (Masters in the subject to be taught, appropriate work and/or teaching experience) who teach in the same area.


We offer an orientation for new adjunct faculty. We also invite adjunct faculty to participate in any trainings that are scheduled for the teaching faculty (both full-time and adjunct). While not required, these services are valuable resources for adjunct faculty at the College.


To get started, anyone interested in teaching at Clatsop Community College should review our position opportunities. Most adjunct faculty teaching areas are listed as "open until filled" enabling anyone interested in teaching in that subject the ability to apply and therefore express the availability. To review the list of current openings please click here and then follow the directions listed under "Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty Positions Available".

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