What courses are required to transfer to a four year university?

Clatsop Community College's Associate of Arts - Oregon Transfer (AAOT) degree is specifically designed for transfer to Oregon University System schools.  If you complete this degree and are accepted at an Oregon public university, you are admitted as having completed all the lower division General Education requirements for a baccalaureate degree; however, some departments within State System institutions may require additional courses for admission with junior standing.  The course requirements for the AAOT can be found on page 23+ of Clatsop's 12-13 catalog (click here (.pdf, 3.4 MB) to view).  The requirements are similar for 13-14.

For other colleges and universities, the AAOT often matches transfer requirements; however you should confer with your advisor at Clatsop and with the institution to which you expect to transfer concerning the requirements of your baccalaureate major's requirements. Additional classes which are not on following lists may transfer as electives, and should be selected according to your major. The receiving school makes the decision concerning which classes it will accept for credit, which apply to its major and degree requirements, which classes transfer as electives, and which classes it will not accept.  In any case, it is your responsibility to confer with the school to which you intend to transfer.

An individually designed AGS degree can combine degree achievement and seamless transfer to non-OUS institutions when designed in collaboration with that institution's admissions officers.

Another option for transfer is the Oregon Transfer Module (OTM).  Although students do not earn a degree or certificate, any student successfully completing an OTM (which conforms to the guidelines on page 67 of the catalog) will be able to seamlessly transfer their first year of general education requirements to any Oregon community college, Oregon University System institution or participating Oregon independent college or university. It is the student’s responsibility to confer with the school to which they intend to transfer.

The college also offers the ASOT-Bus for students intending to transfer into an OUS business program (see page 26 of the catalog).

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