what are nursing school costs?

Students enrolled in the nursing program pay tuition at the usual student rate.  As of March 2012, this is $90 per credit.  Nursing courses are generally 11 to 12 credits per term.  In addition, nursing students pay some additional costs:


Program fees:  $300 per term

Instructional fees:  $200 to $300 per term (liability and malpractice insurance, lab supplies, etc).


Additionally nursing students must pay for:

Books:  approx $700 at the start of the program, and $100 to $200 per term thereafter.

Immunizations, criminal background checks, drug screen, TB testing, CPR certification:  approx $300 - $400, depending on immunization status.  This is only done once, at the beginning of the program.

Uniform:  $50

Travel to and from clinical site: Varies with student location

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