It would only cost me about $3000.00 for a nursing degree? And would it also be for an E.R. Nurse?

Tuition and fees for the nursing program vary from term to term, depending on the number of credits each term.  Approximate cost is $1500 per term (excluding textbooks).  The Practical Nursing Certificate Program is 4 terms in duration and the Associated of Applied Science Degree - Nursing (the 2 year degree) is 7 terms in duration.  Once a student has graduated with a degree, and is licensed as a Registered Nurse (RN), s/he can work in a variety of settings without any additional schooling, including an emergency department (ED).  Extra training or certification requirements vary from department to department and facility to facility, but many ED's require  staff members to have extra training such as ACLS or PALS certification.

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