If I am on academic probation due to withdrawing from a previous term and I get all A's and B's in my classes but one D, will I lose funding for next term even though my cumulative GPA is over 2.0 as required, with no incompletes, drops, or withdrawals?

In order to maintain financial aid funding, students are required to follow Satisfactory Academic Progress.  You can find Clatsop CC's Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy which also includes information on Reinstatement on our website under Award Information.  

Since Satisfactory Progress can be complicated, it is best that we not answer a general question like this without looking at your individual record. So in order to answer your question accurately, we suggest that you either come to the office in person or call our front desk at 503-338-2317 so that we can review your situation and give you the best information possible. 

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