I have someone interested in studying at your school to become a captain of a cruise liner. He is an international student. Who do I contact and what all does he need to do, besides fill out your application, in order to become a captain?

The captain of any vessel is a licensed position that is based on vessel operation experience (time) and knowledge.  The college can provide the knowledge part to a certain level.  Depending on the level of license (tonnage) a person is seeking, reaching that goal may take 5-8 years or more.  The typical progression is from seaman to mate then captain.   Getting a certificate or degree from the college may open doors to employment within the industry, but a person must realize that he or she will have to work the way up from an entry level position to a captain’s (master) position.  There are no shortcuts.  A person's prior, unlicensed, ship/boat experience can help with the accumulation of the needed time, depending on its recency .  All the requirements for a master's license can be found by clicking here.

Please contact the college's Maritime Science Center at the the Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station (MERTS) at 503-338-7962 for detail about the educational opportunities that lead to employment in the maritime industry.

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