How do I sign up for an independent study/reading and conference course?

A student usually initiates a request for a course not in the current schedule of classes by consulting with an instructor who typically teaches the course.  Occasionally an instructor will offer reading and conference to students when a class has too few students to run as a class. 

In either case, it is the instructor's prerogative to agree to teach the R&C.  If the instructor agrees that circumstances warrant an R&C, the instructor and the student(s) will develop a contract outlining the terms of the R&C.  Then the instructor submits the necessary paperwork to the Curriculum Specialist, Carol Bone (Tow ler 110A, 503-338-2458).

After the proposal is approved by the instructor's supervisor, copies are returned to the instructor and the student.  The Curriculum Specialist will create an RC section in the course management system. 

The student takes her or his copy of the signed form to the Student Services Center and registers for the course.

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