How do I challenge a course?

Credit by examination is a method for awarding credit enabling a student to proceed through an established program in accordance with the student's present ability and knowledge.  To ensure that a student taking an examination has achieved at the same level as any other student completing the course, the following conditions have been set forth for gaining credit through examination:

  1. A student must be enrolled in a diploma or degree program before a credit by examination petition (challenge) can be initiated.  Exceptions may be granted by the Vice President For Academic And Student Affairs.
  2. A student must submit a formal application, obtained from the Office of the Vice President For Academic And Student Affairs.
  3. The application must be approved by the Vice President For Academic And Student Affairs, the student's advisor, and the instructor who will administer the examination.  Only when these three signatures have been obtained will Student Services Center/Registration accept the first 50% of the course tuition and issue a receipt.  The examination will not be administered until the petition is fully signed and receipted by Student Services Center/Registration staff.
  4. A student may elect to challenge a course in which he/she is currently enrolled, provided the class is formally dropped prior to the beginning of the fourth week of classes.  Courses in which the student has previously enrolled and received a grade may not be challenged.
  5. A student may not challenge more than 24 credit hours, and credits earned through examination cannot be counted for the degree completion requirement of  “complete at least 24 credits at Clatsop Community College”. A maximum of 6 credits, taken by exam, may be in cooperative work experience.
  6. The academic department of the College offering the instruction in the challenged course will be responsible for the formulation, administration, and compilation of the results of the equivalency test in accordance with other provisions of this policy.  The examination may be either oral, written, performance, or a combination of these methods of evaluation.  Under no circumstances will the requirement for credit by examination exceed the pre-established criteria for the course.
  7. Examination for course credit may be taken only once.  If successful, the student will pay the second 50% of the course tuition and will receive the grade of pass and the letter "P" will be entered upon the transcript.  If unsuccessful, the student will receive a "N/C" on the transcript.  Credits so earned will not be calculated in the student's GPA.

Please refer to the college catalog under “Credit by Examination” for further information or call the Office of the Vice President For Academic And Student Affairs at 503-338-2440.

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