How can I establish a scholarship fund?

Scholarships can be established through the CCC Foundation in several ways:

  1. You can make an annual gift in the amount of the scholarship to be awarded
  2. A memorial fund can be established to which donors can contribute. The fund can be expended as directed or can be replenished through annual gifts.
  3. You can establish an endowed and named scholarship with a gift of $25,000 or more. Endowed funds are expended pursuant to the Foundation's adopted distribution policy that limits annual expenditures to no more than 5% of the fund value. The Foundation board determines the actual rate of distribution annually based on current market conditions.

In each case, you will be asked to complete a Scholarship Setup Form that outlines the criteria for determining the recipient. Criteria may include, for example: major, number of credits, merit, financial need or allowed use of funds. You can update your selection criteria as needed.

To initiate a scholarship, please contact Patricia Warren, 503-338-2306.

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