Do Clatsop Community College courses transfer to Idaho universities?

Clatsop Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). This means that many credits earned at Clatsop Community College can transfer to other colleges and universities depending on the individual school's policies.

Why many and not all? 

Most schools (including CCC) look at how the transfer course applies to a degree program.  To transfer a course, it should have a course number of 100 or higher.  Also, many schools require a specific grade (C or above, although a few schools will transfer a D).  You should check with the institution where you intend to transfer. 

While a completed course may transfer, it may not be applicable to the degree you will pursue. 

Students transferring to an Oregon school have the transfer process simplified if they complete the Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer Degree and the Associate of Science, Oregon Transfer Degree in Business. 

Each year, many of our students successfully transfer to Washington, and schools in other states.  If you are starting out your career at CCC, investigate the PLUS program.  If you qualify, they can assist you in choosing courses and a degree that will best meet your needs.

Students with additional questions should contact an academic advisor.  Future students may wish to discuss options with an Admissions recruiter.

Finally, since many students transfer back to CCC to finish a degree, you should check to see if the other school is regionally accredited.  If not, you may find yourself with a lot of debt and completed courses that cannot be transferred to another school (including CCC).

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