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Current Job Openings


Clatsop Community College utilizes an on-line application process.

The following positions require that you complete an on-line application. If you have any questions, or need any help, please call the human resource office at 503-338-2406 or 503-338-2450. Note: The College is closed Fridays in July and August.

When using the online application system, please ensure that you have completed all information fields that are applicable including education, past employment and professional references.  Also, please be sure to check for any special instructions.

Classified Positions:

  • None at this time

Part-Time Temporary Positions Available:

  • On-Call Event Stage Manager/Technician - please submit application to this pool of applicants.  This is an on-call (as needed) position for various events.  Position has no closing date.  As needed applicants will be selected from the pool.
  • Open until filled: Summer Academy Project Leader(s) Each applicant should include a project proposal with the application submission (include as "essay" attachment). Refer to the job description for core requirements. The following elements must be included in the proposal submission: 
  1. Project summary, including goals and expected learning outcomes. 
  2. Brief outline of project curriculum and related activities.
  3. A description of how learning will occur, and in which core subject areas.
  4. If a community service component is part of this project, please explain.
  5. Discuss specific results that will be attained by the end of the project. 
  • Part time temporary placements include clerical, maintenance, art models, tutors and well as technical positions and more.  Please complete an online application and attach it to positions for which you feel you qualify.  Your application will be considered when there is a need to draw from a certain pool for a vacancy for a part time temporary opening.

Full Time Faculty Positions: 

  • None at this time.

Service and Supervisory Positions:

  • None at this time.

Part-time (Adjunct) Faculty Positions Available:

Clatsop Community College also maintains a pool of applications for part-time temporary teaching positions, primarily for on-campus instruction.  In addition, as student demand changes, part-time temporary instructors may be needed at any time. Examples of other positions we may be needing in the coming academic year are in the areas of:

  • Business and Accounting
  • Computer Science
  • Fine Arts
  • Human Services
  • Languages (particularly Spanish, German, French, Chinese Arabic
  • Psychology
  • Psychology (Applied)/Sociology
  • Sociology/Anthropology/Geography
  • History/Political Science
  • Early Childhood Education
  • The college invites you to apply or re-apply on-line.  Qualifications are listed in each subject listing.  Applications for part-time teaching positions will be kept on file for one year.  

  •  ALL Work Study Positions: please complete an online application to be considered for an on or off campus Work Study placement.  Must have valid award letter indicating that you qualify for Federal Work Study. 

CLICK HERE to go to the College’s on-line application system - you will be routed to an external site. Once there, choose 'search positions' on left side of screen to find the position you are interested in.

If you are a Hiring Supervisors and Hiring Committee Members CLICK HERE to log in.


It is the policy of Clatsop Community College that there will be no discrimination or harassment on the grounds of race, color, gender, marital status, religion, national origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression or disability in any educational programs, activities, or employment. Questions or complaints should be directed to Leslie Lipe, Affirmative Action/Gender Equity (Title IX) Officer, Towler Hall, Suite 110, 503-338-2450; TDD 503-338-2468. The Title II/Section 504 Coordinator, Christine Riehl, is located in Columbia Hall Room 304, 503-338-2474.

Persons having questions about or a request for special needs and accommodation should contact JoAnn Zahn, Vice President of Finance and Operations, at Clatsop Community College, 1651 Lexington Avenue, Astoria, Oregon 97103, Library Suite 110, Phone (503) 338-2421 or TDD (503) 338-2468. Please send special needs and accommodations requests HERE. Contact should be made at least two business days in advance of the event.

Declaración de no-discriminación
Es la política de Clatsop Community College que no habrá ningún tipo de discriminación o acoso por razón de raza, color, género, estado civil, religión, origen nacional, edad, orientación sexual, identidad de género o expresióno discapacidad en los programas educativos, actividades o en la contratación. Preguntas o quejas deben ser dirigidas al Leslie Lipe, Oficial de Acción Afirmativa / Título IX localizado en Towler Hall número 110, número de teléfono 503-338-2450, TDD (discapacidad auditiva) 503-338-2468. El Coordinador de la Titulo II/Sección 504, Christine Riehl, se encuentra en Columbia Hall, numero 304, número de teléfono 503-338-2474. Para ADA y otras peticiones de servicios llame al 503-338-2474 o para TDD (discapacidad auditiva) 503-338-2468.

Para más información, vea la página Web de Clatsop Community College bajo Información en Español

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