Faculty Schedules

Below are links to PDF documents that contain Full-time faculty schedules and office hours.  Please click on the instructor name for which you are searching.  Names in black have not submitted their schedules as of yet.

Winter FINALS WEEK 2018 Schedules 

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Instructors Office Phone Email
Bill Antilla MERTS- MSC x7602 Email
Rich Beveridge Towler 212A x2332 Email
Julie Brown Towler 305B x2471 Email
Michael Bunch Columbia 303 x2431 Email
Jennifer Carpenter     Email
Carolyn Cazee Columbia 216 x2467 Email
Nancy Cook Towler 305E x2335 Email
Kurt Donaldson MERTS- MSC x7650 Email
Kevin Eaton MERTS- IMTC x7680 Email
Jesse Fulton MERTS- IMTC x7680 Email
Deac Guidi Towler 305C x2476 Email
Pat Keefe Towler 107 x2434 Email
Tina Kotson Columbia 218 x2457 Email
TJ Lackner Towler 212B x2452 Email
Rob Mansell Towler 305A x2318 Email
Karson Nasstrom Columbia 217 x2419 Email
Thad Nolan MERTS- IMTC x7676 Email
Celeste Petersen Towler 212C x2312 Email
Bryce Potter MERTS- MSC 4 x7605 Email
Tommie Redwine Towler 104A x2302 Email
Eldon Russell MERTS- MSC x7601 Email
Kristin Shauck ART C 102 x2472 Email
Lucien Swerdloff ART C 102 x2301 Email
Teena Toyas Towler 312D x2445 Email
Holly Tumbarello Columbia 203 x2367 Email
Nichole Warwick Columbia 307 x2444 Email
Devon Weaver Columbia 215 x2401 Email
Tom Williams MERTS- MSC x7603 Email




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March 19, 2018, 9:46 am
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