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Departments & Offices

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Office or Department Name Location Phone Email
Account Payment Student Services Center 503-338-2330 Email
Accounts Payable Library, 108E 503-338-2479 Email
Admissions Student Services Center 503-338-2417 or
Toll Free:
ext. 2411
Affirmative Action, Gender Equity, and Title IX Coordinator Library, 108B 503-338-2450
TDD: 503-338-2468
Art Gallery Art Building 503-338-2498 Email
Arts & Ideas Towler Hall, 110C 503-338-2369 Email
ASG Columbia Hall, 109 503-338-2495 or
503-338-2359 or
Assessment Center (Testing) Columbia Hall, 116 503-338-2426 Email
Billing Questions Student Services Center 503-338-2330 Email
Bookstore Columbia Hall 503-338-2447 Email
Business Office Library, 108A 503-338-2428 Email
Career Center Towler Hall, 312 503-338-2480 Email
Career Pathways Towler Hall, 312 503-338-2433 Email
Carl Perkins Program Towler Hall, 109B 503-338-2506 Email
Clatsop Café Columbia Hall 503-338-2338 Email
College Advancement Towler Hall, 104C 503-338-2306 Email
College Now Towler Hall, 109B 503-338-2506 Email
Community Education Towler Hall, 109C 503-338-2408 Email
Computer Lab Library, 3rd Floor 503-338-2329 Email
Computer Services Columbia Hall, 102 503-338-2416 Email
Copy Center Alder Hall, 1st Floor 503-338-2304 Email
Counseling & Health/Wellness Resources Alder Hall, 2nd Floor 503-338-2474 Email
Curriculum Towler Hall, 110A 503-338-2458 Email
Disability Services Student Services Center 503-338-2474 Email
Finance and Operations Library, 108D 503-338-2422 Email
Financial Aid Student Services Center 503-338-2322 Email
Foundation Towler Hall, 104C 503-338-2306 Email
GED Program Columbia Hall, 114 503-338-2347 Email
GED Testing Columbia Hall, 116 503-338-2481 Email
Grant Accounting Library, 109 503-338-2430 Email
Human Resources Library, 108 503-338-2406 Email
Industrial Manufacturing Tech Center (IMTC) MERTS Campus 503-338-7670 Email
Institutional Research Towler Hall, 104B 503-338-2368 Email
Instruction Towler Hall, 205 503-338-2440 Email
Library Library 503-338-2462 See website
Literacy Columbia Hall, 111 503-338-2557 Email
Lives in Transition Alder Hall, 2nd Floor 503-338-2377 Email
Marine and Environmental Research and Training Station (MERTS) 6540 Liberty Lane, Astoria 503-325-7962 Email
Math Assistance Center Towler Hall, 211 N/A N/A
Online Education Library, 2nd (Main) Floor 503-338-2341 Email
Payroll Library, 108A 503-338-2439 Email
Performing Arts Center (PAC) 588 16th St, Astoria 503-338-2369 N/A
Phi Theta Kappa Columbia Hall, 109 503-338-2319 Email
Plus Program Student Services Center 503-338-2346 Email
President Library, 104 503-338-2425 Email
Publication Services Alder Hall, 1st Floor 503-338-2304 Email
Purchasing Library, 108D 503-338-2422 Email
Records Student Services Center 503-338-2438 Email
Registration Student Services Center 503-338-2411 Email
Scheduling Towler Hall, 205 503-338-2369 Email
Scholarships Student Services Center 503-338-2324 Email
Small Business Development Center (SBDC) 1455 N. Roosevelt, Seaside 503-338-2342 or
(800) 206-7352
South County Campus (SCC) 1455 N. Roosevelt, Seaside 503-338-2402 N/A
Student Services Student Services Center 503-338-2411 N/A
Student Success Center Student Services Center 503-338-2407 Email
Talent Search Alder Hall, 1st Floor 503-338-2370 Email
Tutoring Center Columbia Hall, 115 503-338-2455 Email
Upward Bound Alder Hall, 1st Floor 503-338-2370 Email
Veterans' Educational Benefits Student Services Center 503-338-2414 Email
Volunteer Literacy Columbia Hall, 111 503-338-2557 Email
Work Experience Student Services Center 503-338-2480 Email
Writing Center Columbia Hall, 115B 503-338-2519 Email


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