Kristin Shauck

Kristin Shauck in painting studio next to easel with portraitKristin Shauck, Art

Teaching and creating art are my two greatest passions, and I couldn’t imagine doing one without the other.

I am very fortunate to interact with such dedicated and enthusiastic students on a daily basis, and to live and work in an atmosphere in which I am continually inspired and challenged to grow creatively. I strive to uphold and build upon the strong figurative tradition that our art program here at CCC has cultivated since its inception. My own creative work springs directly from working in the studio from a life model side-by-side with my students.

In my teaching practice, I aspire to create a collaborative, stimulating learning environment in which students feel free to experiment, strive for excellence, and ultimately find a path to express their own creative vision.




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December 21, 2015, 3:28 pm
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