Deac Guidi

Deac Guidi explaining the elements of a speechDeac Guidi - Speech

I believe we all have an obligation to speak, and more importantly to learn how to deal with others in a variety of social and work settings, and speech communication always plays a vital role.

People need to understand that not all communication is the same nor do all people communicate in the same manner, and those differences are what bring about the necessity of understanding the interaction process.

The students inspire me, every term I learn something new and through them I become a better teacher. It's all worth it the day they walk across that stage, the achievement, the excitement is all there. They instill the love of learning in me, as I hope I do in them.



I encourage all to take the Speech Communication classes, all are different and contribute various invaluable practices to your everyday life.

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September 26, 2014, 4:31 pm
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