ENG 204 syllabus fall 2010

English 204 English Literature
The Medieval Period

Instructor: Dr. Julie Brown
Class Meets: online
Instructor’s Office: T305B
Phone: 338-2471 or 325-0910
Office Hours: MWF 11-12, T Th 9:30-10:30

Description: This quarter we will read a sampling of the literature written in England between the earliest Celtic times and the Renaissance, focusing mostly on the Medieval period. We will read a wide variety of texts: Celtic fairy tales, Beowulf, mystical religious texts, Chaucer, Arthurian legends, and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Emphasis will be on reading the works, discussing them, and trying to analyze possible meanings. Because the English language was changing so much during this time period, we will also examine the history of English as well. There will be several short quizzes, a midterm exam, and a final exam. Because the heart of this course is the lively discussion of literature, your attendance, preparation, and participation are very important. You will work on one short individual research project (on an aspect of Medieval culture) and a group project (on an aspect of literature) as well.

Norton Anthology of English Literature, 7th Ed.
Many additional handouts

Objectives: Upon successful completion of the course you will be able to
1) read and understand a literary text
2) articulate the meaning of the text in group discussion
3) analyze the meaning of the text in writing
4) increase your reading pleasure
5) understand the early period of English literary history (Bede through Shakespeare)
6) understand the context of medieval culture (including history, geography, art, music, religion, politics) and how it helps deepen our understanding of the literature
7) understand the major changes in our language (Old English to Middle English)

Assignments and Grading:
10 pts. Individual project
15 pts. Group project
25 pts. (or more) Quizzes (some announced, some impromptu)
25 pts. Midterm
25 pts. Final
90-100% A, 80-89% B, 70-79% C, 60-69% D, 0-59% F

Course Policies: I do not have an attendance policy for this class. I strongly urge you to come every day, however, so your participation grade is not penalized. No makeups on quizzes, exams, or in-class projects unless you have a real emergency and make arrangements with me ahead of time. Otherwise, if you are absent you will receive a 0 for that assignment. I do not accept late work—assignments that come in after the due date will receive 60% of possible credit. If you have an emergency, talk to me before the due date to make other arrangements.

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