ENG 180 Individual Research Project Instructions

Gothic Literature

Individual Research Project

Choose a topic that is interesting to you that is related to the themes of this class. Choose your topic carefully: avoid topics that exactly repeat what we’ve already covered in class, and avoid topics that are overly simplistic.

Find a magazine article or book chapter (some Internet sites might be ok) and Xerox the article. Be sure it is a thoughtful, analytical article that gives in-depth information, not just a “People Magazine” type of story. The library’s computers have an EBSCO HOST data base—this is the absolute best place to start looking.

Then write a summary that is 1 page in length, typed. The summary should cover all the highlights of the article and also relate the information to what we have read or discussed in class. Be prepared to briefly (3 minutes) share your findings with the class. Please staple your article to the back of your summary. 10 points possible.

Due: ________

Possible topics:
The original Goth tribe
barbarian culture or history
Gothic elements of fairy tales/folk tales
Gothic elements of Shakespeare, drama
life of Walpole, criticism of Otranto
life of Shelley, criticism of Frankenstein
life of Stoker, criticism of Dracula
life of Poe, criticism of his short stories
life of Rice, criticism of her novels
folklore about vampires, witches, werewolves, monsters, ghosts, zombies, etc.
Gothic art, architecture, gardening
Gothic films
Gothic tv shows
Gothic music (Bartok to The Cure)
Gothic clothing, makeup, fashion, etc.

Other topics may be ok—please check with me first

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