ENG 108 World Literature Group Project Instructions

Group Project—English 108—World Literature

Directions: In groups of 4 people, choose a text that we’ve read this quarter (or will read). Decide whether you want to do an “analysis” project or a “creative” project (see below). You will be given some class time to work on your project, but will also need to put in several hours outside of class. Your group will present your project to the class the last week of the quarter (see syllabus).

Purpose: To get to know a literary text in depth, to put more thought into understanding a text, to select either analytical or creative methods for learning, to practice working with others, and to practice speaking before a group.

Option 1—Analytical: Go to the library and find 3 articles about your text (use data bases to find quality articles). Synthesize your research—what does it all add up to? How does it help you to better understand the text? Write up a 2-3 page essay (typed) that analyzes the text with the research you’ve found. Share your findings with the class.
Sample topics: Dante and the Catholic church; Roland and the Chansons de Geste; the life and times of Cervantes; Macbeth and Scottish Lairds; Charlemagne, the crusades, and Roland, etc.

Option 2—Creative: After discussing the text as a group, translate the text (novel, poems, short stories) into a different art form. What aspects of the literature (story, style) can you keep? What aspects would you change? How does translating the text help you to understand it better? Sample topics: a film version of Dante’s Inferno, you get together and paint scenes from Song of Roland, make up some songs for Don Quixote, stage a beatnik café poetry reading for Macbeth as a rapper, etc. Finally, put together a 1 page narrative explaining how the creative process worked for your group and what you learned from doing it.

Grading: 1/3 teamwork, 1/3 presentation, 1/3 paper. Note: you will probably all receive the same grade, but if someone isn’t doing his/her fair share, then that person will receive a lower grade.

Projects are due by the date indicated on the syllabus. Failure to have them done on time means you get 60% of the credit possible.


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