ENG 108 Individual Research Project Instructions

English 108

Individual Research Project

Choose a topic that is interesting to you from European Medieval/Renaissance history, culture, politics, or religion from the region and time period we are studying. Try to choose a topic that is somehow related to the literature we are reading. Find a scholarly magazine article or book chapter (some internet sites might be ok) and xerox the article. Then write a summary that is 1 page in length, typed. The summary should cover all the highlights of the article and also relate the information to what we have read or discussed in class. Staple the article to the summary. You will share these with everyone in class. Be prepared to briefly (3 minutes) share your findings with the class. 10 points possible.

Best source: CCC library home page, then click on Data Bases, then EBSCO HOST. This will lead you to academic, scholarly articles that take an issue and study it in some depth.

Possible topics: life of Dante, Florence, popes, Catholicism, Inquisition, Holy Roman Empire, Charlemagne, Clovis, Song of Roland, Chivalry, Crusades, Don Quixote, Medieval Spain, Islamic Spain, Beowulf, Anglo Saxon anything, Macbeth, politics of Scotland, Eastern European folktales, Exploration, maps maps maps! Armor, clothes, food, music, writing, calligraphy, scriptoria, illuminated manuscripts!!!


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