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Early Alert

This system is intended for faculty or staff to notify Student Services of students who are struggling in their class or life and may need some additional help or guidance. 

To request assistance for a student, please use the following form:

What Happens After I Submit this Form?

After this form is submitted, a Student Services Representative may forward the submission to the student’s academic advisor for assistance.  In other instances, we will review the student’s record.  If warranted, (it usually is, unless they have dropped) we may attempt to contact the student.  

Will I Be Contacted?

Yes, if the advisor or student provides an update we will contact you.  The first priority will be to ensure someone is alerted to contact the student.  This does not always succeed for the same reasons they may have ceased attendance in your class.  In other instances, the student never replies to messages (rude!), but instead returns to class or withdraws from the course.