Welcome Center Services Adjusted for July 30th Week

The Welcome Center Office will be closed the week of July 30th thru Aug 2nd, while staff attend an off site meeting for the new ERP. CCC staff will still be answering phone calls, checking email and will follow up on messages between 9am-2pm M-W, however, there will be no walk up assistance. Please take note of the following information so that we can assist students during our closure:

• Any students needing to make a payment can do so online on their MyCCC account, if they need help in doing so, they can call to receive instructions on how to do so.

• Students needing to register for classes and see an advisor, can make an appointment to do so using the following link:

• If a student is unsure of their next steps, they can email or call the Welcome Center at or 503-338-2411, and someone will get back to them as soon as possible with information they need.

• Financial Aid will be open their usual hours of 9am-5pm with closure for the lunch hour, students can still see them for any Financial Aid questions.

• If a student needs help registering for an Orientation and Advising Session they can do so on our website on the following link:

• Any paperwork that needs to be turned in to the Welcome Center can go in our Mail Box F1, next to the book store.


Thank you for your understanding!

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