Strategic Planning Survey

After nearly a decade of enrollment growth, facility improvements, and support to the citizens of Clatsop County, Clatsop Community College is facing unprecedented challenges.   Economic and social changes require that all institutions review their goals and adjust their services.

Therefore, the college is undertaking development of its next strategic plan this fall.   Strategic planning is the intentional way to ensure that during the next 5 years the college…

  • Meets the needs of residents and businesses for college education and workforce training
  • Operates effectively in today’s fiscal reality  – CCC is now state-assisted, not state funded
  • Maintains fiscal responsibility by prioritizing its services

We are asking you to help us chart the college’s course for the next five years so that these purposes are accomplished.  Please take a few moments to consider the following questions and give us your answers.

1. The college offers a wide range of educational services, including preparing students for transfer to four year colleges, providing technical job skills, teaching basic reading, writing and math to adults, and supporting local businesses.
Please tell us a little about yourself so that we can identify patterns among the answers to the survey.  Your individual responses will never be reported; only averages will be.
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