Spring 2012 Main Campus Update

Recently I received a question from a student asking how the College could afford to add 47 new spaces to the parking lot behind Columbia Hall, completely renovate the showers in the men's and women's locker rooms in Patriot, and add several new lights to the parking lots and area in front of student services off Lexington Avenue.


An excellent question with a fairly simple answer.  Because the Campus Redevelopment Project came in on-time and under budget, the College initiated a "material change" with the State of Oregon requesting the ability to use the savings for the needed capital improvements listed above.  It is important to remember that State Law restricts the use of capital construction funds. That means the College is/was unable to utilize the money for operations such as instruction, salaries, etc...


Still, because of the excellent work and management of the Redevelopment Project, the over $200,000 of capital improvements that are being completed will benefit students and community members for many years to come.


We hope that the additional 47 parking spaces behind Columbia Hall, the significantly enhanced safety from the additional outdoor lighting, and the completely refurbished showers result in a better student experience for those attending Clatsop Community College!

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