President Galizio Names First Student-Centric Colleague of the Month

President Larry Galizio announced today that CELESTE PETERSEN is the recipient of the first Student-Centric Colleague of the Month award.

Celeste's nomination read, “Celeste so clearly cares about her students and consistently sacrifices her own time to ensure that all of her students will meet their potential in math class.  Celeste always goes above and beyond the parameters of her work in the classroom, arriving early, staying late, and doing extra work to help students, such as sending out weekly emails to all of her students to let them know how they are performing and what they could be doing better in class.

Outside of the classroom, Celeste is proactive about ensuring that ALL math students at CCC have the help they need.  She advocated for the creation of the math lab, which is now used not only by math students in all classes as well as students from the science departments, and coordinated efforts between the math faculty to ensure that the lab was always staffed.

Celeste even devotes time outside of the college to help students understand math.  For the past year she has offered a tutoring-for-tips service to students on Saturdays, when the college is not open.  Any math student can stop by Three Cups of Coffee to ask Celeste for help with their math work.

I believe that Celeste's actions are definitive proof of her undying devotion to her students.  She is more than deserving of this reward.  I am so pleased that this monthly award is being initiated so that the efforts of faculty like Celeste can be recognized.”

President Galizio initiated the Student-Centric Award in September 2012. In describing this new award, he noted that the NW Commission commended CCC Staff for its “caring, student-centered approach.”

Quite simply, Student-Centric actions are centered upon or focused around students. The goal is to recognize actions that are facilitating student success. The recipient of the Student-Centric Colleague of the Month Award will be provided a $25 gift card for the Astoria Coffee House plus recognition on the College’s Website. 


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