Math Department Program Review Questionnaire

The math department is conducting a program review in order to improve its overall effectiveness, and we need your help!  Please complete this survey to the best of your knowledge and ability.  You’ll be asked to rate each statement in the survey on a Likert scale (Strongly Agree, Agree Somewhat, Neutral, Disagree Somewhat, Strongly Disagree, and Not Applicable).

If you are not sure how to interpret a statement, choose “Not Applicable” and explain your uncertainty in the “Comments” section. You should also use the “Comments” section to explain the reasoning behind your Likert scale selections and give any additional descriptive evidence that you believe may help the department to improve.

The survey contains approximately 35 questions, so make sure that you have adequate time set aside to complete it (it could take a couple of hours if you write comments for every question); you will not be able to save your answers and return.

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this survey!

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