Kyle Overbay Announces CCC Basic Design Class to Participate in Sunday in the Park with Art

Basic Design class student, Kyle Overbay, along with his classmates will be participating in the Sunday in the Park with Art event this weekend, Sunday, May 15th. The following is a release written by Kyle for the event and student participation: 

CCC Basic Design Class to Participate in Sunday in the Park with Art

By Kyle Overbay, Basic Design Student, Spring term 2016

The Basic Design class from Clatsop Community College is thrilled to announce our involvement in the second Sunday in the Park with Art! On Sunday, May 15th, the Fort Clatsop National Historical Park will be hosting a unique, interactive event along the magical Kwis Kwis trail, providing a very special opportunity to experience the forest from an entirely renewed perspective. Along the path, various local artists, students, musicians, and performers will be presenting their craft in the intimate setting of the forest, providing you with the juxtaposition of the human element amongst the vastness of nature. As a nod to the transitory nature of the universe, most of these are one-time art installations that will be up for mere hours. From 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm this Sunday only, find your way to the Fort Clatsop visitor center parking lot. From there, guides will depart every 15 minutes and lead small groups along the three mile Kwis Kwis trail loop, as well as along the shorter and more handicap accessible 1.5 mile trail loop. The last tour group leaves at 4pm. This is no casual art walk, this is an art hike - so get out your boots and dress for some weather.

Sunday in the Park with art is the fruition of the vision of Marco Davis. Feeling that his connection to nature was recharged after exploring the serenity of the Kwis Kwis trail, Marco was deeply inspired. In collaboration with park officials, artists, and friends, Marco sought to help others to experience this soul-moving rediscovery through the addition of art. "[One] comparing [this] to a gallery show would be mistaken; the visual and auditory experiences emerge only after large gaps of quiet and unadorned trail. The trail user is therefore still provided with mostly the sights and sounds that of this natural wonderland."

Imagine a meandering trail, bathed in the lush colors of the coastal forest. Amidst the song of finches and warblers, and the occasional squabbling of chipmunks or crows, you wind through shades of green and patches of sunlight. In the distance, you begin to hear the faint music of an instrument being played. Bracken ferns poke quietly through sprouts of mushrooms by your treading feet, while cedars stretching far above you creek gently as the wind sways. Your curiosity becomes excitement as you close in on the source of the music. Just beyond a patch of red huckleberries, the first of many installations emerges, awaiting your arrival. 

If you are unable to attend the temporal experience of Sunday in the Park with Art, many of the pieces by the design class will be reinstalled for an entire week throughout the CCC Column Trail from May 18th through the 25th, with special opening event performances on Thursday, May 19th from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m.  Each artist has invested a purpose in this project, and with that thoughtful intent, expresses a myriad of meaningful concepts: 

"For this Art Hike, I wanted to bring the reality of littering out in the open, because it is unhealthy for the animals, us, and our planet. Garbage starts on land, and I wanted to represent the life that we can’t see. … from the land to the Oceans, wildlife needs people to help them." - Courtney Stephenson

"Every line, every erase mark, and all the trash cans I must have filled with successful, and failed pieces is unfortunately no more of a distinguishing factor to my psychological state or processes than what I may eat for breakfast in the morning. This being said, when I attempt to manipulate an article of work to stand as metaphor or otherwise when diluting the infinite beauty of nature, I find I need to take an alternate approach." - Chris Novellino

"I believe that the American Culture has parted ways with Mother Earth; turned a deaf ear to her pain as we, as a civilization, become more urbanized through the planetary destruction. The goal for this performance piece is to remind people of the connection to Mother Earth shared throughout humanity." - Kat Hallock

"When I first got to see the venue for this exhibition, I started thinking of materials to use and objects I could make with the resources available from the forest. … I believe art can not be created without getting messy and exploring a range of possibilities, and this is an essential part of my creative process. Art is an adventure of the mind and spirit, expressing the emotions that are sometimes repressed and are begging to be set free." - Asia McLean

"Something that is often forgotten is that humans are natural beings. We were created by nature and we thrive in nature. It is easy to get caught up in a dichotomy of humans versus the natural world, but we actually are a part of it. ... we are all connected by an invisible string, and in my piece this string is physically represented. It is one continuous thread, not short fragments, just as we are not divided by anything other than our thoughts and prejudices." - D’len Thomasian

"Since I can remember I have had an affinity with nature - no matter what was going on in life I always felt refreshed after a walk through the woods or just sitting in an open field watching the clouds go by. ... anytime you just stop and listen to the world around you a symphony of emotion, thoughts, and even colors flood your mind. … this piece is meant to be simply enjoyed as it stands, no deep meaning, no purpose, it just is." - Taylor Blau



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