Graduate Survey 2012

As part of the college’s improvement efforts, the Clatsop Community College Office of Institutional Research wants to know about what you are doing about 6 months after your academic year 2011-12 graduation.  The results of this survey will be used to help the college improve the programs of the college and to assure that graduates have been well served.

No individual answers will be reported publicly; your individual identity will be protected in any report of survey results.

If you are employed, we may ask you for your permission to contact your current employer and supervisor.  We will only ask the employer and/or your supervisor how well the training you received from the college prepared you for the job you are doing.  Any other information volunteered by your employer or supervisor will not be recorded or repeated.  We will not provide your employer any information about your college attendance other than your name and that you are a graduate.   If you do not give us that permission, we will not contact your employer. 

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