Gead Survey

Graduate Survey for the class of 2011
“To Clatsop Community College graduates during 2010-2011:
“As part of the college’s improvement efforts, the Office of Institutional Research is asking you about what you are doing almost a year after your June 2011 commencement.  We will ask your name only to connect your answers to the program from which you graduated.  Your individual answers will only be seen by the college employee who compiles the data; the only reports that will be circulated or published as averages in a way that prevents you from being individually identified.
“We will also ask you for your permission to contact your current employer.  We will only do so to ask whether the training you received from the college prepared you for the job you are doing.  If you do not give us that permission, we will not contact your employer.
“Thank you in advance for taking the few minutes to click on this link ----------------------------------------- and tell us what you are doing.
“Tom Gill, Director of Institutional Research, Clatsop Community College”

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