2011 Campus Reads - Let's start reading!

Our books have arrived! The Campus Reads this year will center on the book, Working in the Shadows, by Gabriel Thompson.

And to top it off the author will be visiting our campus in early February to discuss his book and related topics with our campus and greater community. The exact date is yet to be determined but will be sometime early in the term.

So…let’s start reading! There are 15 copies of the book on reserve in the library. Each copy checks out for 2 weeks. Just come in and check out a copy. We’ll have a couple of discussions in early Winter term before the arrival of the author and then top it off with Mr. Thompson. How exciting!

This project has been made possible by the blood, sweat, and tears (plus tamales) of Martha Martinez, Eileen Purcell, as well as the library “staff” who helped to raise money this summer – Rhonda Alderman, Kirsten Horning, and Mariah Manners. Thanks everyone for pitching in!

For more information about the book, visit the author's website. Contact Candice Watkins if you have any questions.


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