2015 WINGS Conference

Saturday, March 7, 2015 -
8:00am to 3:30pm

Since WINGS began in 2002, AAUW and CCC have served approximately 600 women. The event is cost-free to participants, and includes materials, breakfast, lunch, snacks and professional childcare.

Women INterested in Going to School (WINGS):

More than 120 local donors provided funds to present the conference and to support education through college
admission and placement test fees, class tuition, GED materials and testing costs, and significant scholarship
support for outstanding past WINGS participants.

Presentations offered information about college admissions and application procedures, financial aid,
support services, GED, the Lives in Transition program, career planning, non-traditional career
options, conquering math anxiety—and more.

Other presenters helped participants understand how education can change their and their
families’ lives for the better, as well as enhance the life of our community.

Poster: 2015 WINGS conference; bird in flight with event details in text

Follow this link for information and registration.

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