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Summer Programs

Clatsop Community College announces a diverse array of special summer programs for youth and adults including:

  • Summer Camps for Ages 12-18
  • A Tribute to the Columbia River Conference
  • Summer Workshops for Educators
  • 2nd Annual Extraordinary Living Conference for Age 50+

Summer Camps for Ages 12-18:

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Clatsop Community College will host a series of activity-oriented summer camp experiences that will provide opportunities for in-depth exploration of a variety of technologies, inspire creative expression, and build new skills. You'll also find SAT prep workshops to prepare for the coming year. The camps are designed primarily for students ages 12 to 18 and will be taught by CCC faculty and staff. All camps will be conducted on the main CCC campus in Astoria.

Registration is open now. Enroll in one or more for an engaging and challenging summer experiences - -   You can also download forms from this page (see below) and return them by email, by fax 503-325-5737 or mail to the address on the registration form.

  • Video Game Design, June 22-25, 8:30am-noon, Ages 12-18, $60: Have you ever thought of a video game that does not exist?  Now is the chance to find out how to turn your ideas into an actual game.  Use easy-to-learn software to discover the basics of video game design.  Topics covered will include designing and developing game mechanics, characters, objects, levels, and elements of graphic design all based on the ultra-popular side scrolling adventure game: “Super Mario Bros.”  By the end of the class, each student will have completed their own playable game and have the skills to continue expanding their project on their own even after the class is over. Instructor: Nathan Williams.
  • Click! Photography Camp, June 29-July 1, 1:00pm-4:30pm, Ages 12-18; $50: Explore the world through a camera lens.  This class will focus on how to compose and create great photographs using your digital camera.  You’ll go on location on the Clatsop Community College campus and nearby neighborhoods and trails for photo shoots. View and discuss your images with other camp participants.  Be sure to bring your digital camera and wear comfortable shoes. Instructor: David Homer.
  • Videography Camp, July 6-July 9, 1:00pm-4:30pm, Ages 12-18, $60:  Good videography is about storytelling. Ideally, if you're making the effort to record something, you want others to enjoy watching it. Whether the intended audience is your friends and family or a global YouTube viewership, there are fundamental techniques that can make your videos more appealing. Instructor: Mick Alderman.
  • SAT Prep, July 13-July 16, M-W: 9:30am-11:30am and Th: 8:30am-noon, Ages 16-18, $80 (includes book): Use general strategies for taking the SAT exam. Identify key words of a question, answer set, and/or reading passage. Learn how to interpret the several kinds of reading comprehension questions, and how to locate material sought by reading comprehension questions. Identify the common kinds of mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and usage tested in the SAT writing component. Instructors: Talent Search and Upward Bound Advisors.
  • Raspberry Pi Camp, July 27-July 30, 8:30am-noon, Ages 12-18, $150: The Raspberry Pi is a fully-functional, credit-card sized computer, being used around the world to teach kids and adults the fundamentals of Computer Science. Campers will learn about the various hardware and software components of the Raspberry Pi by programming it to do whatever they want. Instructor: Greg Riehl.
  • SAT Prep, August 3-August 6, M-W: 9:30am-11:30am and Th: 8:30am-noon, Ages 16-18, $80 (includes book): Use general strategies for taking the SAT exam. Identify key words of a question, answer set, and/or reading passage. Learn how to interpret the several kinds of reading comprehension questions, and how to locate material sought by reading comprehension questions. Identify the common kinds of mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and usage tested in the SAT writing component. Instructors: Talent Search and Upward Bound Advisors.

Youth Camp Registration Form (.pdf, 360KB)

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Medical Release Form (.pdf, 153KB)

A Tribute to the Columbia River Conference:

Clatsop Community College will host an educational conference – A Tribute to the Columbia River – on Friday evening July 17 and Saturday morning July 18 on the CCC main campus in Astoria.

The event is designed to:

  • Celebrate the impact of the Columbia River on the Pacific Northwest,
  • Examine ways in which the River has evolved,
  • Anticipate and reflect on how the River is likely to change and stimulate change, and
  • Promote the Columbia River as a symbol of strength and influence for the Astoria area.

A Tribute to the Columbia River is open to the public. Participants may register for one or both days for a modest fee of $15 per day. In addition, an optional catered dinner will be held on Friday, July 17 at 6pm, and a breakfast will be available on Saturday, July 18, at 8am, prior to the morning session. Cost for each meal is an additional $15.

To register, call 503-894-0187 or email Robert McClelland.

2015 program begins Friday, July 17 at 7pm in Columbia Hall Room 219, 1651 Lexington Ave, Astoria

  • LCDR Torrey Bertheau, Chief, Enforcement Division, USCG Sector Columbia River will talk about the work of the Coast Guard in the lower Columbia. He will outline the Captain of Port’s responsibilities and the various types of multi-mission units and assets employed in protecting life and property, enforcing federal laws and treaties, preserving living marine resources and promoting national security in one of the most challenging operating environments in the country.
  • Joe Leahy, an attorney in Springfield, Oregon will talk about automobile passenger ferries which were a unique part of Astoria history from 1921through 1966. During that time the ferries were a constant fact of life. Townspeople could, with a glance, determine the location of the ferries. A white speck on the big gray-blue river enlarged to a distinct white boat as it neared the Astoria Ferry Slip at the foot of 14th Street or diminished from eyesight in the 35 minute journey across to the Washington shore and the Megler Ferry Slip. This is the story of those Astoria automobile passenger ferries traversing the mighty Columbia River where it meets the vast Pacific Ocean.

The Saturday, July 18 session will begin at 9am in Columbia Hall Room 219, 1651 Lexington Ave, Astoria

  • Richard Turner, from NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service will talk about “Salmon and Steelhead Hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin – Past, Present, and Future.”  He will give a brief history of salmon and steelhead hatcheries in the Columbia River Basin, from their beginnings prior to 1900, through their expansion in the mid-twentieth century, and into the present. The review will look at why the hatcheries were constructed in the first place, how their purpose has changed over time, and how they might be used in the future.
  • Mark Paulson, a Columbia River Pilot will introduce us to a history of the Columbia River Pilots and why they are needed. He will also discuss the background and experiences as well as the training that the pilots need to undertake this work. In addition he will discuss challenges of navigating the river and commence on the river.

Local singers Hobe Kytr and Mary Garvey will be performing in each session.

Plan your visit - lodging, restaurants and more.

Summer Workshops for Educators

Opportunities for all those who work with youth. Enroll now in one or more summer class for professional development and optional CEU credit. Register online now (search under the course title or number) or call 503-338-2566.

  • Autism Basics, June 17-June 18, 8:00am-1:00pm, $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU,                       EDU99001-D1 (0 CEU) / EDU99001C-D1 (1CEU):  The characteristics of autism include deficits in communication, social judgment, cognitive abilities, the skill to organize and sequence information, as well as a tendency to exhibit a restricted repertoire of ritualistic behaviors, and profound sensory and perception problems. Instructor: Jackie Bergerson.
  • Youth Mental Health First Aid, June 24-June 25, 8:00am-1:00pm. $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU, EDU990003-D1 (0 CEU) / EDU990003C-D1 (1 CEU): Youth Mental Health First Aid is a course designed to give participants key skills to help an adolescent who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a mental health crisis. The course covers a range of common disorders and potential crises such as helping a young person who is having a panic attack, in contemplating suicide or is struggling with substance abuse. Instructor: Sumuer Watkins.
  • Dealing with Challenging Classroom Behaviors, July 15-July 16, 8:00am-1:00pm, $59 + optional $35 for 1.0 CEU, EDU990002-D1 (0 CEU) / EDU990002C-D1 (1CEU): This course is designed to give participants effective tools to deal with challenging student behavior. It provides a framework to help school staff understand what students are trying to communicate through the "language" of their behavior. Topics covered include behavioral techniques and intervention strategies that remediate disruptive behaviors, reduce power struggles while increasing classroom control, reduce educator workload, and help prevent burnout. Instructor: Jackie Bergerson.
  • Google Docs in the Classroom, July 29-July 30, 8:30am-12:30pm, $59 + optional $35 for 0.8 CEU, CSC96263-D1 (0 CEU) / CSC96263C-D1 (0.8 CEU): Educators will be introduced to the Google docs suite - Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings - which help to enhance online applications for creating, sharing and publishing in the classroom and on the go. Access, edit, and share lesson plans, science projects, classroom presentations and quizzes right from the web browser with no additional software to install. Instructor: Ken Ross.
  • Apps in the Classroom, August 6, 8:00am-1:00pm, $30 + optional $35 for 0.5 CEU, EDU990005-D1 (0 CEU) / EDU99005C-D1 (0.5 CEU): Educators will be introduced to a revolutionary new era of Apps available for smart phones and Tablets that help teachers through lesson planning, visual teaching aids, time management and more. All of these can be utilized and applied to help students do the same so they can excel in the classroom. Instructor: Richard Sena-Cary.
  • Gaining Perspectives about Poverty, August 12-August 13, 8:30am-10:30am, $30 + optional $35 for 0.4 CEU, SOC992007-D1 (0 CEU) / SOC992007-D1 (0.4 CEU): This class provides an opportunity to interactively boraden an understanding about poverty and ways to effectively respond to people surviving poverty. Topics include an overview of basic definitions and the impact of poverty on children, families, and the local community. Distinctions will be made between generational poverty, situational poverty, and immigrant poverty. Ample time will be available to discuss emotional and physical barriers associated with poverty, social class distinctions, and recognizing social harassment around issues of race and language. An emphasis will be placed on how to develop equitable relationships that build trust and respect. Instructor: Margaret Frimoth.

2nd Annual Extraordinary Living Conference for Age 50+

Saturday, September 12 / 8:30 am – 4:00 pm; Clatsop Community College, Columbia Hall  Rm 219

Co-sponsored by Clatsop Community College, Columbia Memorial Hospital, Providence Seaside Hospital, Northwest Senior & Disability Services and ENCORE. Lunch is provided at no charge. A suggested donation of $10.00 is requested at the door for conference attendance. Tables filled with informational displays will be available.

Registration: 8:30-9:30 AM

Keynote speaker: TBA

A sampling of Breakout Session topics:

  • Travel & Leisure
  • Genealogy
  • Get Moving – Inside & Outside our Local National Parks
  • Emergency/Disaster Preparedness
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Art, Music & Theater
  • Transitioning to Retirement
  • Farm to Table
  • Volunteer & Continuing Education Opportunities
  • TimeBanking/Free-Cycle
  • Second Careers/Start Your Own Business
  • Facebook: To Friend or Not to Friend

Closing Session: What’s Up, Doc? A panel of doctors will answer general questions about health issues and provide tips on living a longer, healthier life.

To register, call 503-894-0187 or email Robert McClelland.





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