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2013-2014: Volume 10

Issue 1 October 2013
Issue 2: December 2013 (.pdf 3 mb)
Issue 3: February, 2014 (.pdf 9 mb)
Issue 4:
Issue 5:
Issue 6:

2012-2013: Volume 9
Issue 6: June 2013 (.pdf, 8 mb)
Issue 5: May 2013 (.pdf, 6 mb)
Issue 4: March 2013 (.pdf, 5 mb)
Issue 3: February 2013 (.pdf, 5 mb)
Issue 2: December 2012 (.pdf, 14 mb)
Issue 1: October 2012 (.pdf, 24 mb)

2011-2012: Volume 8
Issue 6: June 2012 (.pdf, 10 mb)
Issue 5: May 2012 (.pdf, 9 mb)
Issue 4: March 2012 (.pdf, 12 mb)
Issue 3: February 2012 (.pdf, 10 mb)
Issue 2: December 2011 Edition (.pdf, 10 mb)
Issue 1: October 2011 Edition (.pdf, 10.8 mb)

2010-2011: Volume 7
Issue 6: June 2011 Edition (.pdf, 18.1 mb)
Issue 5: April 2011 Edition (.pdf, 17 mb)
Issue 4: March 2011 Edition (.pdf, 11.7 mb)E
Issue 3: February 2011 Edition (.pdf, 10.75 mb)
Issue 2: December 2010 Edition (.pdf, 16.64 mb)I
Issue 1: October 2010 Edition (.pdf, 17.6 mb)


The Bandit Editorial Policy

The Bandit is a publication of Clatsop Community College designed to provide news stories, features, entertainment information, editorials, opinion pieces, photos, letters to the editor, and any other information relevant to the students of CCC and the college community.

The Bandit draws a distinction between editorials and opinion pieces. Editorials shall contain content that is written by (but not limited to) the editor and/or the advisor pertaining to local and campus issues, and they will reflect a consensus reached by the editor, the advisor, and the staff. The Bandit opinion pieces generally deal with broader topics, being more open to staff creativity and representing only the opinion of the writer.

The Bandit strongly supports freedom of speech and freedom of the press as stated in the First Amendment of the Constitution, but it reserves the right to make judgments on written material as it relates to the educational mission of Clatsop Community College. In editorial/opinion pieces and letters to the editor, content that is perceived as inappropriate or inaccurate will be rejected or edited at the discretion of the editor in conjunction with the advisor and The Bandit staff. The Bandit believes that significant, disciplined controversy has a proper place in the educational process, but it will not print inflammatory, personal attacks or innuendos. Concerns regarding the content of The Bandit that cannot be resolved among the editor, advisor, and staff may be brought to the attention of the Dean of Students and/or the President for resolution.

In order to view these documents (.pdf) you must have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer.

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