Yoshida Yoshihiko-Master Potter Mino Tradition


Yoshihiko Yoshida
Master Potter from Mino, Japan


Exhibit of Ceramic Pottery in Mino Tradition


Clatsop Community College

Art Center Gallery

1799 Jerome Avenue

Astoria, Oregon  97103


Discussion Forum

Tuesday, June 28th  10:00 a.m.

Discussion open to public

Most of Yoshida's work takes time to understand.  What is apparently simple at first glance is very complex.  We will be carefully holding the work in our hands to examine its content and expression.



May 20 to June 30

Opening Reception Friday, May 20  6:00 p.m.

Interpreter-Former Apprentice Ken Pincus


Professional Artist and Student Workshop

Saturday, May 21 at CCC Ceramic/Art Studio

9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.  Ceremonial Tea at 12:15

Workshop Fee: Students $20.00   Professional Artists  $30.00

Email Richard or call 503-338-2449



Performing Arts Center

Franklin Avenue & 16th Street

Astoria, Oregon  97103


Slide Show and Lecture

Music by Larry Tyrrell

Shakuhachi-Traditional Bamboo Flute

Saturday, May 21  7:00 p.m.

Open to Public


Driving Directions to Main Campus and PAC


“Once described as a sennin (mountain hermit)…. Yoshida lives amid a forest in the hills of Toki City in Gifu Prefecture. Located near his secluded home are the ruins of many kilns that fired the masterpieces of medieval Mino wares. I imagine that while walking by these kilns, looking for shards, some unseen force entered into Yoshida's soul like water silently seeping into sand. How else can one describe the feeling he energizes his pots with?........That is why potters such as Yoshida are so vital for this country. They anchor Japan in these changing times and question the frivolous fashions that appear, and disappear, like the moon in a cloud. They put "soul" in our hands. Yoshida works in a few different styles, including the aforementioned Shino, aka-Shino (red Shino), shirokesho (white-slip wares), hai-yu yohen ash-glazed wares, and his stellar Setoguro (Black Seto).”

Excerpt from To See a World in a Bowl of Tea, By Robert Yellin for The Japan Times, Nov. 14, 2001

For entire article click link below.

“Yoshida studied with the late Living National Treasure Arakawa Toyozo (1894-1985) starting in 1956 and established his own kiln in 1969. His work is subdued, understated, refined, contemplative, graceful, and honest. I asked him upon viewing a lovely pastel Shino vase how he gets the colors, he turned to me and said matter-of-factly, "Shizen (it's natural)." It best describes the man himself, and his work.”

Excerpt from Yoshida Yoshihiko Exhibition Review At Kochuukyo Gallery in Tokyo From Nov.13 to 17, 2001, By Robert Yellin.

For entire article click link below.




CCC Press Release

Japan Times article "Giving Away an Old Secret Favorite" by Robert Yellin

Japan Times article "To See a World in a Bowl of Tea" by Robert Yellin





Yoshida in his Studio in Japan

Yoshihiko in His Studio, Japan

Photo courtesy of Richard Rowland

Yoshida Yoshihiko

Yoshihiko Yoshida

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Aronoff

carved vase with temmoku burn

Carved Vase with temmoku burn, by Yoshihiko Yoshida

Photo courtesy of David Potter

bowl with vertical lines

Bowl with vertical lines, by Yoshihiko Yoshida

Photo courtesy of David Potter




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