Ryo Suzuki

Ryo Suzuki

Master Japanese Potter

Ceramic Workshop


Monday, June 1st, 2015

1 PM to 4PM

CCC Ceramic Studio


Please email Richard Rowland for information or call 503-338-2449


I pour glazes over my work using a traditional Japanese ladle.

I pour lines with strength, gentleness, speed, rhythm, etc. seeking all kinds of thoughts.

  • Born in Toyota, Aichi, and moved into Mashiko
  • Working with clay for 47 years.
  • Included in numerous national ceramics competitions, and has won awards
  • Numerous solo shows.
  • Works included in traveling exhibitions abroad, and in public collections.

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Ryo Suzuki


ryo image 21

Hei Liu Miao Bai You Jiao Ping

Squared Bottle with Black Glaze Trailing Over White Glaze


ryo image 19

Hei You Liu Miao Jiao Chang Ping

Long Neck Squared Bottle with Black Glaze Trailing 


Ryo image work 19

Qing You Liu Miao Ping Hu

Flat Vase with Blue Glaze Trailing




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