Dave Archer Discussion

World Renowned Artist and Inventor of Electric Painting 

Dave Archer

Will be visiting and giving a talk in the CCC Art Gallery

on Wednesday, April 25th at 1:00 pm

Free and open to the public


Dave Archers Official Website

See Dave Archer paint with one million volts of electricity on YouTube



For over four decades, world renowned artist and inventor of electric painting, Dave Archer, has painted space art on “reverse glass” using his one million volt hand-held “brush” to both energize and influence water-based painted clouds in each of his space pieces. Archer has been celebrated on hundreds of television shows, including ––– Eye To Eye With Connie Chung ––– Australia’s, Beyond 2000 ––– Discovery Channel's, The Next Step, ––– and worldwide TV documentary ––– World's of Wonder.

Archer’s work was used on television’s ––– Star Trek® ––– to decorate the Starship Enterprise on ––– The Next Generation ––– as well as Star Trek® movies ––– Star Trek® VI - The Undiscovered Country, and ––– Star Trek® Generations.

The artist enjoyed a full pictorial in Omni Magazine, and was featured in National Geographic Magazine, and on book covers for among others: authors ––– Isaac Asimov, Larry Niven and Jack Vance ––– as well as featured in the Sunday comics in King Features: Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

Worldwide shows include: The De Young Museum, San Francisco ––– AT&T World Headquarters in New York City ––– and the Hayden Planetarium in Central Park ––– Panasonic World Headquarters, Japan ––– the World Science Fiction Show, Chicago ––– the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago ––– The Omniversum, The Hague ––– the Planetarium - Brussels, Belgium, and ––– Spacefest 2008 with Apollo astronauts: Dr. Buzz Aldrin - Gene Cernan - Rusty Schweickart - Bruce McCandless - Alan Bean - and Edgar Mitchell ––– Star Trek® - The Movie - 2009 ––– Contributed to comedian Steve Martin’s autobiography: Born Standing Up ––– Coyotel Road Show Tour of America - 12,000 Miles 2009 ––– Creative Class Trumps Ruling Class Show - Seaview - Washington 2010 

From Dave Archer's official website


Artist Dave Archer

Artist Dave Archer with large '90's work showing
dramatic 3D effect achieved by painting on glass

Photo courtesy of Dave Archer Studios


Artist Dave Archer Cherry Bombs

"Cherry Bombs" - (21" X 15")

For sale on Dave Archer Official Website


Artist Dave Archer Rabbit galaxy

"Rabbit Galaxy" - (21" X 15") 
For sale on Dave Archer Official Website



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