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If you are registered for a Host/Provider class, chances are it is through Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay.  The procedures for Hosted classes are different from Clatsop online classes.  You will login to a different website and use a different course management system than we do.  Technical support will be directley through Southwestern as well as communication with your instructor.  In most cases, your classes will not be available until just prior to the start of the termYou will receive an email instructing you how to login to your class.

Southwestern Oregon Community College

  • Southwestern uses eRacer as their Course Management System.
  • Textbooks for classes are available at this link.
  • Technical Support can be reached at (541) 888-7345 or


Contact the Distance Learning Office if you have questions or are experiencing difficulties.

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April 6, 2015, 1:39 pm
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