Host/Provider Courses

These are online courses taught by instructors on other community college campuses, but students register for them here at Clatsop.  We take care of all grade transcription, advising, financial aid, administrative coordination and support, but there are aspects unique to host/provider classes, that students are responsible for.

Textbook information and ordering is sometimes handled through the provider college's bookstore - the student is required to find out what books are needed and to order them in time for the start of term.

The learning management system that the providing institution uses may be different  - not all colleges use Brightspace.  The Distance Education office will give basic directions on how to login in, but for technical help, students need to contact the provider's support team.

The provider college may be on a different schedule than Clatsop.  It is possible that your online class may start and end before or after Clatsop classes do.  Keeping to the class schedule is the responsibility of the student.

If proctored tests are required, students will need to contact our testing center staff and make arrangements with them to take a test.  503-338-2426.

Students do need ready access to a computer with Internet Browser Software and an Internet Service Provider.

See Kirsten Horning in the Distance Education Office for information.  These classes fill quickly, so register early.      Phone: 503-338-2341  Email: Kirsten Horning  Campus location: Learning Resource Center (Library).                                                              

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